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Gistele is a Turku-based switchboard specialist that manufactures safe and high-quality solutions for a range of industrial needs. We have been in business for over 40 years. We operate in four sectors: industry, infrastructure, construction and marine industry. At the moment we employ about 60 electricity professionals.


We tailor our products to fit our
customer's industry and needs.
Our experts always find the best
olutions for the customer.


Our on-time delivery
reliability is based on lean
manufacturing processes.


Safety and reliability are also ensured
by the use of first-class components.
We do not compromise on quality.

40 years of switchboard expertise

Gistele was founded by Gunnar and Ismo Siilo in 1979 and initially focussed on the production of control centers. Our first actual office was built in Tuulissuo in Lieto in 1985. Before that the company was based in a small garage in Lieto. We moved to the current premises in Urusvuori, Turku in 1994.

We truly began to grow in the early 2000s. Today we are employing 60 top professionals, and our premises cover as much as 3,400 square meters, including our practical ESD facilities. Today, 50% of our production is exported around the world.

We are proud of our work, products and workplace. Our long-lasting products are suitable even for demanding applications. We are proud to say that customers have trusted the products we manufacture for over 40 years.

Safety through quality

We at Gisele believe in quality. By doing things well, we can create a safer environment for our employees, partners and customers. We want to make decisions today that stay meaningful in years to come. This means solutions that are always reliable and durable.

We are constantly developing our working methods, which helps us develop our best practices. We do what we promise and meet the agreed deadlines. Our staff is highly professional, and we invest in competence and training.

We focus on that our products are well clear and well assembled, our work is carried out high quality, and we only use components of the well-known manufacturers. Our products are reliable and, above all, safe to use.

Gistele's office in Turku's Urusvuori is easy to reach. Work is usually carried out in one shift. When it comes to working hours, we aim at mutual flexibility. Our new employees are introduced to their tasks and work safety thoroughly and professionally. Our employees consider their work interesting and enjoy working for us.

We consider positive feedback from our customers and our partners to be our greatest source of strength. We constantly strive to develop our working methods, bearing in mind that our slogan, "safety through quality", applies to everything we do. We have a good team spirit, so coming to work is fun.

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Gistelen uudeksi toimitusjohtajaksi on nimitetty Peter Johansson 15.11.2021 alkaen. “Gistele on arvostettu sähkö- ja automaatiokeskusten valmistaja, jolla on aito halu kehittyä. Kestävä ja vastuullinen tuotanto takaa turvalliset ja korkealaatuiset keskukset luvatussa toimitusajassa”, sanoo Gistelen uusi toimitusjohtaja Peter Johansson.
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Sigma vakiokeskus on kuivan tilan teräsrakenteinen tuoteperhe. Sigmasta löydät ryhmäkeskukset, dataryhmäkeskukset ja mittausryhmäkeskukset. Tuoteperhe on Gistelen ja Schneiderin yhteistyössä suunnittelema ja valmistettu Suomessa.
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Ahvenanmaan viljelijöiden virta ei katkea
Syksyllä 2020 ÅTH halusi uusia sähkökeskuksensa, ja samalla varmistaa sähkönsaantinsa myös sähkökatkosten aikana. Ratkaisua etsittäessä keskusvalmistajana toiminut Gistele päätyi ottamaan yhteyttä ABB:hen, jonka Kabeldon tarjosi oivan ratkaisun sähkökeskuksen räätälöintiin.
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01.04.2020, Our service continues as normal

We strive to ensure the continuity of our customer service as normally as possible. There is a possibility that the availability of some products will be more difficult, but despite some delays, we are working to secure our deliveries to customers. As far as production is concerned, we have taken necessary steps to secure operation in our production.

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Abinet patent

Gistele's innovative Abinet online system has been awarded a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Abinet is an advance network solution that is used in electronic matriculation examinations in more than 20 Finnish upper secondary schools. Abinet is a reliable and secure system that has been built to last.

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