Smooth cooperation with numerous customers

For 40 years, customers have relied on Gistele's staff and products. Our slogan "Safety through quality" applies to all our activities and to every employee, which is a fact also appreciated by our customers and partners. Also our customers have proven satisfied with our ability to quickly react to different needs and with the many customization possibilities of our products.
"The most important thing about our collaboration with Gistele is flexibility. The company can quickly respond to our needs. Gistele makes special products and carries out designs with an open mind."
Seppo Pohjanpalo, Chief Operating Engineer, Port of Turku.
The Port of Turku is a lively hub for freight and passenger transport. Comprehensive shipping services are complemented by the port's efficient cargo handling, storage and terminal services. These demanding services must be constantly operational in order to maintain an uninterrupted transport chain across the Baltic Sea.

Long-term cooperation based on trust
The cooperation between Gistele and the Port of Turku has continued for over 30 years. The cooperation mainly involves the acquisition of switchboards, components and equipment as well as product development. The collaborative product development has resulted in, among other things, specific solutions for port ship services and area lighting.
"We have been pleased with the high quality that Gistele has provided. To us, quality means both high-quality components and quality control. Gistele's products are always delivered to us trial-tested."
"They have truly thought about effortless installation. The way the components are set makes it easy to install even the thickest cables, and they have also been reserved enough room. Gistele's staff is highly competent. They have knowledgeable product developers and switchboard manufacturers."

– Seppo Pohjanpalo
"We have particularly appreciated Gistele's way of delivering products really fast."
Benjamin Heikkilä, CEO, Sähkö-Jaape Oy.
Electrical engineering expert Sähkö-Jaape trusts Gistele
Sähkö-Jaape Oy is a full-service electrical contracting and specialist company established in 1986, operating mainly in the housing and industrial sectors.

Gistele provides practically all switchboards
Gistele has been delivering switchboards for Sähkö-Jaape's projects for many years.

"Currently, 90% of our projects use Gistele's switchboards. It shows how much we've come to like their products and way of working," says Benjamin Heikkilä.
"Gistele is an excellent collaborator. Our installers have been able to save a lot of valuable working time since the products are so well designed and use high-quality parts. There's been nothing but positive feedback about how easy they are to install."

– Benjamin Heikkilä